Families, Hotel and Resort guests, and Places of Worship use our Sitting service for daytime sits, evenings out, overnights, weekends, school closings, and sick childcare. A 24-hour notice is preferred, but not required. The Sitter charges on an hourly basis and the agency charges a flat, nominal fee for arranging the services.


Please remember that all of our sitters are independent contractors and are not employees of Covenant Sitters, LLC.  Please note that the quotes are "average" or "suggested" hourly rates. Hourly rates may vary with each individual caregiver, depending on his/her level of education, number of years of childcare experience, and estimated travel time. They are to be paid directly by the client.  Their rates are set according to the number of children they are caring for, location, and length of time they are sitting.


Clients may choose to employ a Full Time Nanny. Full time Nannies work with your family on a live-in or live out basis and will usually work an average of 30-55 hours per week. A full time Nanny will ease your mind and simplify your life by ensuring that your child, healthy or sick, will be cared for at home, in an environment that is familiar, comfortable, loving and safe. Additionally, hiring a Full Time Nanny is a great way to ensure that your child will receive the one on one interaction and individualized attention that he or she will need to develop and thrive. A Full Time Nanny gives you the client an opportunity to relate your concerns and specific needs for your child. It ensures that your child should find it easier to move from parent to Nanny care because of familiar recall an interaction.

A client who may not want a Nanny full time can choose to use a Part Time Nanny for a limited amount of hours. Preferably hours a week that is lower than 30 should be paid on an hourly basis. When choosing a Nanny with an hourly rate the following criteria will be based on previous child care experience, level of education, your family specific requirements, number of children in your family, the level of housework required, etc.

Temporary Nannies are available when a parent (s) is unable to care for a child, when your permanent caregiver is not available, when your family is in the process of searching for a permanent caregiver or you have been placed on a waiting list to get into a childcare facility such as a preschool or daycare. Temporary Nannies are paid either a temporary weekly salary or an hourly rate depending on whether they are working Full or Part time hours. 
*Call Covenant Sitters for price quotes.

Summer Nannies may begin employment in late May or early June and work until mid August or early September. Summer Nannies offer an alternate choice to summer camps. A Summer Nanny is a way to ensure that your children have an enjoyable, stress free summer vacation.

Summer Nannies will encourage your children to read throughout the summer as well as engage them in other educational activities that will prepare them to re-enter the classroom in the fall. Summer Nannies will participate in outdoor activities with your children such as biking, swimming, and tennis. Summer Nannies will gladly escort your children on outings to the library, the park, and local attractions. Summer Nannies may assist parents by running errands to the grocery store, the dry cleaners, and picking children up from car pools. Summer Nannies will also take children to scheduled appointments such as haircuts, dental cleanings, and doctor visits.


A tennis game? Golf? Have errands to run or appointments to keep? We have Sitters available for all your daytime needs. Daytime Sitters will play games, read to your children, and assist with lunches and snacks. Sitters may take your children outdoors to play or younger ones for a neighborhood stroll (weather permitting).  Sitters are available to transport children home from school or meet them at the bus stop. The Sitter may assist with homework, chores and supervise after school activities. Sitters may be asked to transport children to sport, music, dance classes or other extra curricular activities. A Sitter may start the preparation of a family meal at the end of her shift or prepare and feed a meal to the children before the parent(s) arrives home from work.

Want a night on the town?  Dinner and a movie for two? Our professional Sitters will come to your home to sit with your children and give you a break from the daily evening routine. Many parents enjoy using our evening sitting service to have a weekly or bi-weekly "date night". Evening sitters may read stories, play games, assist children with a bath or shower, sing songs, and put them to bed for the evening.

If you need a weekend away or have an out of town business trip, our Sitters are available for overnight care. They will prepare meals, take children to and from scheduled activities and make sure the household runs smoothly during your absence.

School cancellations or school half days? Last minute dinner plans? Is your daycare closed? Is your child not feeling well? Is your Nanny sick? Has unexpected out of town travel left you in a panic?  Then our emergency childcare service is for you! Covenant Sitters, LLC may be able to arrange an emergency sitter upon short notice. Although we strongly urge clients to book early, we understand this is not always possible. We will always work as hard as possible to locate a sitter for you at the last minute. *Additional referral fees will apply.

Are you visiting from out of town and are in need of a Sitter to come to your hotel? Covenant Sitters are always available for hotel sitting. Our Sitters will come prepared to provide in-room activities to help entertain your children. They are also available to escort your children to nearby area attractions should you request they do so. Covenant Sitters upon request will be able to provide information on local attractions such as Aquarium, Charleston Museum, and Patriots Point. Covenant Sitters will provide professional Sitters for group care towards special events as weddings, conventions, meetings, and places of worship nurseries.